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Research - women aged 18-23

Fellow Voguette penelly from NSW is conducting a research as part of her PhD in Sociology, and has recently contacted me for help from members of vogue_australia. This is her message:

I am currently completing a study at the University of Newcastle, NSW,
and I'm looking for young Australian women to take part in interviews.

Let me tell you a little about the project and what it would involve.

The study is investigating what young women think about work,
relationships, children, and women's role in society. We want to find
out about the decisions young women make and expect to make with regard
to career, motherhood and how they believe they will combine work and
family responsibilities. This project will also be examining how popular
culture shapes women’s perceptions, values and expectations.

In the light of growing government concern about the decline in
Australia’s birth rate and the considerable media attention that has
been paid to the issue of fertility, studies like this one are needed to
understand young women’s intentions and expectations. The project has
implications for future social policy provisions such as childcare and
maternity leave.

At the moment, I am particularly looking for young women who would be
willing to take part in a telephone interview where they would be asked
to talk about their thoughts, experiences and aspirations. The interview
is an informal discussion which lasts about 45 minutes to one hour, and
covers topics such as work, education, motherhood and favourite
television shows and films.

For more information, please visit http://members.optusnet.com.au/~pen_robinson/recruitment.htm

Thank you.
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