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Hey OMG no one ever told me there was a Vogue LJ Community !!
Im _alterego from there anyway,
& Please dont tell me this community is dead !!!
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Not dead, but not busy....


Yeah, I found it this morning and it wasn't that busy.

Should we attempt to make it something it's not?

Can they ban us from here??

I think we could make it something...

What about:

Oh my fuckin God! Has anyone seen how skinny Nicole Richie is??

hahaha yes

Very cool indeed.
OMG yes, she is (so much hotter/so sickly thin). I hate how everyone makes a big deal about (her now that she's hot/wanting celebs to be skinny). I hate how clothing stores only cater to (fat girls/thin girls), not that there's anything wrong with being (fat/thin) but why don't they just make clothes for girls who are normal. What colour Paddy should I get? OMG have you seen those new MJ shoes?

(does that cover everything?)
i hope its not dead :(

for some reason i love nicole richie.. like.. she is thin.. but.. it suits her ?? i dont know, dont hate me please !! lol.

[phew & relief] thank god this place isnt dead haha.
yeah i saw the last post, 11th, then before that it was september ?!? or something. yeah. anywho. i got an idea ! hehe.
yeah thinness can be bad, but nicole does it well, and its not like shes totally unhealthy- plus i ♥ her style!
Wow. I forgot I joined this community. o_O