courtimus prime (childlikegrace) wrote in vogue_australia,
courtimus prime

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hellooooooooooo? (echo's)

Where is everyone!?!
I can't even load the forums at the moment because my connection's been slowed  for the end of the month, then I remembered about this community... but was greeted with a frigging barren wasteland!! 

if you read this, add me to your friends... I just started LJing again...
p.s. tsubi doll on the forums

ciao ciao xx
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Yeah, it is pretty damn barren, isn't it? The forums have been loading sorta funny for me today (possibly my connection though).

I'm er, GannetGuts over there as well. Original, yes?

P.S - I like your lippy.
Ah yes! I recognise that username!
Brisy girl too? *high five*

P.S. Thanks!